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Nitrile Gloves

Farm Supplies

First class dairy hygiene is crucial for profitable dairy farming.
Good hygiene practice in the parlour and dairy helps to ensure that milk sold from the farm is of the highest quality, with low bactoscan and somatic cell counts contributing to the best possible milk price it is also a key factor in mastitis control thus minimising losses through discarded milk, depressed milk yields and premature culling.

At G.D & M Dunglinson we have a dedicated trained van sales team visiting farms in Cumbria and south west Scotland providing support and backup necessary to help resolve any unexpected problems quickly and efficiently. As well as supplying competitively priced milking machine spares and sundries we offer a full range of dairy hygiene products including:

Acid and alkaline based circulation liquids and powders to clean the Milking Machine and bulk milk tank

Peracetic acid based sanitizers for cluster flushing/dipping
Pre and post milking teat care products
Bedding conditioners
Premium quality metsa paper products
Hoofcare liquids

For further information please contact:

Mark Dunglinson:- 01228 524918 - Brunstock Office

Mandy Chalmers:- 07703 435 890 - Cumbria

Maurice Dubyk:- 07831 500 198 - South West Scotland


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