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G.D & M Dunglinson
offers system solutions for herds from 5 to more than 15,000 cows! Your success starts with our milking equipment. This can be the well known and proven Herringbone Parlour or our latest generation AutoRotor parlour.

Installations are performed by trained and qualified dairy engineers. Milking technology components such as the milking cluster, milk meter, automatic cluster remover and automatic stripping devices are all built with efficiency and modularity in mind providing effective and economic herd management system.

To ensure the milking machine continues to function efficiently it must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. This includes scheduled servicing by the dairy engineer to replace worn components. Parlour testing is performed by trained and qualified dairy engineers.

GEA Westfalia Surge
G. D & M. Dunglinson are proud of our association with GEA WestfaliaSurge( WestfaliaSurge and Houle have now become GEA Farm Technologies), by choosing WestfaliaSurge, you know you're going to get the best performance per unit cost over the lifetime of the parlour - WestfaliaSurge kit is built to perform throughout its life. And now it comes with an industry-leading 5 year warranty - that's real peace of mind.

Since launching into the UK market in 1972, WestfaliaSurge has grown to achieve market leadership in the UK. The quality of the equipment and the high reliability have made it a firm favourite with UK farmers - here's why:

Design - WestfaliaSurge have a parlour design for every type of dairy farm. Click on 'Parlour Planning' to find out more.

Research & Development - WestfaliaSurge are part of GEA (Global Engineering Group) Aktiengesellschaft, based in Germany. You have the reassurance of their extensive R & D facilities in Germany.

Fabrication - WestfaliaSurge use stainless steel or galvanised metal in critical areas - there's no plating, unlike some cheaper systems. This means your parlour will withstand the harsh and corrosive conditions it's bound to have to endure during the years ahead.

Precision - German engineering is renowned for its high standards, and WestfaliaSurge is no exception.


Rotary Milking Systems
AutoRotor - click for more

The AutoRotor system ensures a quiet, hassle-free and smooth milking process. Uninterrupted cow flow results in an efficient working routine with minimum stress for both cow and operator. In short: The perfect milking!

Herringbone Milking Parlours
Herringbone - click for more

Herringbone milking parlours have been proving their efficiency for decades now while going through constant development for improvement producing a tried and tested, practical and flexible milking parlour systems.

Side-by-Side Group Milking Parlours
Side By Side - - click for more

The trend towards larger herds with greater efficiency means there is a high demand for fast throughput parlours. Milk buyers are looking for higher standards of hygiene, with a clear separation between "clean" and "dirty" areas in the parlour.

Tandem Milking Parlours
Auto Tandem - click for more

The ultimate in individual attention!
For dairy farmers who consider it important that each and every cow gets the attention she deserves.



GEA - Westfalia Surge

GEA WestfaliaSurge